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Harvard Undergraduate Aeronautics (HUAERO) 

Aug 2019 - May 2020
What is HUAERO?

   The Harvard Undergraduate Aeronautics Club was formed from the original team that composed the Unmanned Aerial Systems team under the Harvard Undergraduate Robotics Club. For this particular year, we were tasked to develop a system that has multiple capabilities, such as autonomous flight, path planning and navigation, and a payload drop. 

My Role

   After serving as the team's co-project manager the previous year, I was looking forward to spending more time doing the engineering. During this time, I was the team's Research and Development lead. Here are my responsibilities: 

  • Designed airframe for the unmanned aerial system to optimize performance for the mission and reduce aircraft-related costs.

  • Researched and experimented with different manufacturing methods combined with rapid prototyping principles to guide team in manufacturing aircraft.


   On December 2019, we were able to successfully fly our own in-house designed-and-manufactured aircraft!


The most recent iteration of our aircraft, the Mark 4.5.

Video of our first flight!

Future Developments

   Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the competition held in June was cancelled. However, the work done was not in vain and will continue on!

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