About Me

Hi. I'm Robert. 

"Ancora Imparo (I am still learning)" -Michaelangelo

I'm currently a 3rd-year undergraduate at Harvard University studying Mechanical Engineering. Although the world of engineering and technology is amazing, my main passions lie with aeronautics and robotics. 

Born and raised my whole life on the island of Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands, I never could've imagined the opportunities and challenges that I encountered beyond home. I pushed myself to take advantage of these opportunities and overcome these challenges, whether it was learning Mandarin Chinese, breakdancing, or just surviving the Boston winter. And along the way, I've made friends and met mentors who support and inspire me to continue moving forward. 

This, to continue pushing myself and building a family of people, is not going to stop. It's just getting started.

Currently, I'm interested in opportunities related to robotics research and development. If you want to connect, shoot me an email at robjmal@gmail.com


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