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Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) 

Aug 2018 - June 2019
What is UAS?

    As one of the projects of the Harvard Undergraduate Robotics Club (HURC), the UAS team aims to develop an unmanned aerial system that will compete in the AUVSI-SUAS 2019 competition.  For this particular year, we were tasked to develop a system that has multiple capabilities, such as autonomous flight, path planning and navigation, and a payload drop. 

Updates, pictures, and more soon to come!

My Role

   Aerospace is what drove me to become an engineer, so when I was asked to be a member of this team, I was ecstatic!  I'm currently the Co-Project Manager of the team, where I work alongside some of the smartest engineers and programmers on campus to develop the project.  Here are some of my duties:​

  • Created a project timeline and budget covering all aspects of the project, from the software development to the business aspect.

  • Work alongside and oversee the Hardware subteam.  We work on the non-software and non-business side of the project, such as the payload modification (we have to airdrop an RC car), airframe design and assembly, and onboard component organization. 

  • Design and manufacturer the drone of the system.  I used SolidWorks to create the model.  Once that is finished, it will be manufactured in our school's machine shops. 

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