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Nov 2017

   As I was completing my journey as a CS50 (Harvard's Intro to Computer Science course) student, the staff sent out an opportunity for students to host a CS50 seminar to teach other students about interesting things with computer science.  I applied, and fortunately, I got an opportunity to share my interesting bit of CS!

   Why Tkinter?  I first taught myself programming through following the courses of Qazi from Clever Programmer, and in one of his courses, he introduced Tkinter.  I found it not only interesting, but also cool that instead of showing the beauty of programs through a terminal, I can do it through GUIs that are visual and interactive.  In my seminar, I go through the mindset of using Tkinter and perform some live coding to showcase how to create your own simple GUI.

   As of 2019, the video has more than 93,000 views, and is one of CS50's most watched seminars.

Tkinter Presentation picture
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