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March 2019 - Present (ongoing)
What and why Controller?

I've always wanted to make a remote-controlled robot.  I never had them growing up, and combined with my newly learned engineering skills, I wanted to take it up a notch and make a remote-controlled robot from scratch, including the remote.  This is the perfect intersection between my engineering interests, synthesizing electrical engineering, computer science, and mechanical engineering (soon to be). In addition, it was a great way to apply what I have learned in my electronics class. 

How does it Work?

The Teensy LC is the primary workhorse of the circuit.  It takes in the inputs from the buttons and sends the proper signals to the servo pins on the output side.  The buttons are respectively, from left to right, UP-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT (I labelled them in Chinese to also use my new language skills :)).

To make it portable, the whole circuit is designed to be battery powered from a 9V battery.  A 5V regulator is used to provide the 5V necessary for the rest of the circuit to operate. 


Controller Version 1.0

Future Updates

As you can imagine, this circuit is still in it's early stages.  There are a lot more features and controls to be added.

  • Upgrade the board to have wireless capabilities. 

  • Add in a couple of potentiometers to handle rotational movements. 

  • Create a PCB version of this. 

  • Change the name (open to suggestions)!

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