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June 2018 - July 2018
What is Castform?

Weather never seemed interesting to me, until I lived in Boston for a year.  Every morning, I would open up a Chrome tab in my phone and look at the weather for the day and for the week.  I never had to do this before because where I've lived, I can tolerate small weather ranges.  Boston weather is just unpredictable.  In an attempt to simplify this process, I've created a weather reporter device named Castform, after the Weather Pokemon Castform.  It can't predict the weather, but it can tell me what I should wear before stepping out of my dorm.

Castform Version 1.0

How does it Work?

Castform is an IoT device that reads data online and outputs it.  The bulk of the work is handled by the NodeMCU ESP8266 board.  It is essentially an Arduino that connect to the WiFi.  It retrieves its information from OpenWeatherMaps's API.  


The rest of the components seen in the breadboard schematic are to help display the information.  The potentiometer sets the brightness of the LCD screen, the LCD screen displays the information, and the power supply module provides external power.   

Breadboard layout/schematic 

Future Updates

​Castform is still in its Version 1.0 stage.  There are many exciting updates for it.  Here are the most likely ones:

  • The display will be using an OLED Screen instead of an LCD one.

  • Castform will be able to tell weather throughout the day and throughout the week.

  • Location should be able to dynamically update without needing the need to reprogram. 

  • Voice-recognition capabilities.

  • A cool case will be designed to enclose the electronics.

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